It was November of 2007 when I wrote the first draft of this “About”.  I’ve been using the internet since around 1972 at DEC where we used the net through teletype terminals primarily to contact offices on other continents or timezones.  You’ve come a long way, web baby.  As a confirmed “book” person all my life, I see the internet as the greatest thing man has ever invented.  It offers us a way to unite an entire planet’s communications.  We’ve never had that before.  So far it seems to have done more good than anything else.

Euonymous is also a family of plants which at one point in my life, living in Concord, MA, I seemed to find everywhere.  I’d ask what THAT plant was and it seemed like euonymous was often the answer.  I liked the plants and like the word, so here we are.  It also, of course, resembles anonymous.  I like to work and play with words.

I grew up in a time where everything one did was not immediately publicly available on the internet.  Not that I have a problem with that, particularly, but I do have a sense of privacy and personal space which seems to be eroding in our culture at this time.  That bothers me.  This public persona thing seems to be a one way street that the whole world is embarking upon as the internet changes everything.

As Thomas Paine said:  “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”   The times are a-changing and we need to at least try to keep up.  Being left behind is so pre-industrial revolution.

So, me:  born in Buffalo, NY 50+ years ago.  Catholic grammar school (no problem with security cameras… god was watching me years before the cameras were, which I think is screamingly funny), excellent public high school (Amherst Central High School), excellent state university (University of Buffalo), fortunate to work in computer companies throughout the arc of the minicomputer age.  Big Mac fan.  That’s the computer, not the burger.  Still pissed that I never got my stuff off the SyQuest drives before the company went out of business.  (Not that there’s much there that’s still relevant to my life.)  Use pc’s because that’s where my software is.  Built some companies, had some successes and some failures.  Learned a bit along the way.  Married, divorced, dated, settled down again.  Not an unusual American story.

I’ve been blessed and I know it.  I am, however, concerned about the path of my country and my countrymen.  My values include a good education available to everyone, healthcare for everyone at least on a par with other developed countries, a government which can be trusted, and a respectable minimum standard of living for every citizen.  We have a long way to go.  We seem to have lost ground over the Bush administration’s time in office.  Sadly their legacy will impact our ability to address these issues for decades.

Most of the above was written in 2007.  It’s now spring of 2010 and an update is in order.  I consult for companies and universities on marketing strategy and plans.  I write business plans and I write and implement marketing plans.  That fits with my interest in human nature and what prompts the human animal to do what it does.  It also enables me to stay in contact with bright engineers and corporate managers who keep me engaged and on my toes.  I love learning about new technologies and investigating how we will go about publicizing them to the world.  I’ll write more about my marketing theories at some point.  Meanwhile I’m involved with the medical device world and building a company around a new idea.

I’m active in the Democratic Party because the Republican Party has been taken over by crazy people and appears to be happy that way.  I still believe in all those things I wrote above.  They are shining goals that have to be struggled for, every day of every year.  Sort of like women’s rights.  Some things never change, among which are human nature.  Have you watched “It’s Me or the Dog?” on TV?  A lovely British woman walks into households where one or more dogs are badly behaved.  This woman proceeds to train the humans to manage the dogs.  Dogs are pretty simple creatures.  They train very quickly.  We have a radio fence and an Australian shepherd.  She trained herself in under a week.  Human beings are much more complex.  More interesting to be sure, but not so easily trained.  Motivations for people differ.  A dog just wants a treat, a kind voice, and a pat on the head.  And while people want those things, too, or something similar, it’s just not that simple.  So I am a lifelong student of human nature.  I hope to share with you some of what I learn along the way.

2 responses to “About

  1. We’ve been Tweeps for what seems ages and I am sad to admit I didn’t read this sooner.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better, even if this alter ego is only a sliver of the true you.


  2. Corin Egglestone

    Hi Mary

    I’m a PhD student at Loughborough University in the UK. I found your name on the list of people who follow 23andme on Twitter, and followed a link in your profile to your blog. I was wondering if you’d be willing to fill in a survey for my PhD research, it’s for people who have either bought a genetic test from a company like 23andme, or are thinking of doing so.

    There’s more information and a link to it at http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~lsctre3/survey.html , it should only take about 10 minutes and would be really great if you could! If you have any questions then please email me at c.t.r.egglestone3@lboro.ac.uk


    Corin Egglestone

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