My Experience With a Police Stop

I just put this up on Twitter and thought I’d share it here as well.  This was an experience that left a profound impression on me many years ago.  We are all just seconds away from disaster, at least that’s been my conclusion.

My ex-husband went to work for Digital Equipment Corp. fresh out of college because they promised a draft deferment.  DEC blew it, so he joined the National Guard to avoid going to Vietnam.  I picked him up at Logan Airport once during his training, and on the way home in our Pinto we were stopped by Stow, MA police. We had a rear light that wasn’t working, we found out later.  Two cops came toward our car with guns drawn.  Scariest moment of my life.  It made no sense.  We weren’t even speeding.  By the way, we’re white and the cops were white but badly trained.  As a country we have to train our police better than this.  We don’t want to see our law enforcement people injured, but things have ratcheted up to a horrible level.  I figured we were lucky to survive back then.

gun control



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