The Downside of Reusable Shopping Bags

I will admit to not having thought this subject through until a bit too late… but for the benefit of my friends and relatives I will write this one out for you.

Don’t let the bagger at the grocery store fill your reusable shopping bags with too much weight per bag.  OK?

Which leads me to the observation that many of these ecologically responsible, reusable bags of ours are bigger and stronger than the old paper supermarket bags and surely larger than the plastic supermarket bags.

And that means… these reusable bags can become much heavier than some of us (cough) might imagine.

So three days ago I brought five reusable shopping bags (much like the green one above) to the supermarket and wound up with a lot of very heavy stuff in each bag.  No big deal. Right?

Let’s see… I picked up these heavy bags and lifted them from where they were being filled, across my shopping cart, piled them into the cart, took the cart out to the car and lifted the bags (more than one at a time) into the trunk, drove home, and then brought the bags, my purse, and the mail into the house in two trips.  Hey, I’m strong.  Right?  Well… that’s as may be, but there’s such a thing as not lifting things correctly.  By not paying attention, I wound up pulling muscles in my lower back.  I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, but I’ve been lying around the house moaning and groaning for three days now.  And expect a few more of the same.

LESSONS LEARNED: I should either (1) get smaller reusable shopping bags for the supermarket and/or (2) watch how much weight is packed into each bag, and/or (3) be careful how I lift and carry these things.  That’s all.  Just a friendly little reminder that we may not be as tough as we think we are!  Hoping you won’t make the same mistake!


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