Mike Capuano, Democrat for US Senate

The South Shore Democratic Caucus consists of 8 towns South of Boston and North of the Cape. On Sunday afternoon, October 25, 2009, Mike Capuano came to speak at Scituate High School. He was stuck in traffic on the SouthEast Expressway (like we couldn’t have predicted that, right?) so he arrived a bit late. His son, Mike, Jr. took the opportunity to speak about his dad for a few minutes. This is an introduction to Mike Capuano and what he stands for. Mike is a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. This is part 1 of 3 parts from that meeting. Most of Mike speaking is in the last 2 parts.

This second segment is Mike speaking about his approach to government service, the health care crisis, on compromise to get things done in Congress, and on drawing a line where there can be no compromise. His no compromise values include matters of war & peace, human rights, and civil liberties.  He voted against the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, for example, and explains why.  I had to trim Mike’s jokes in order to upload this.  He’s really very funny and I apologize if that doesn’t come through.

This last piece is Mike Capuano answering two questions from the audience. The question and answer session went on for nearly an hour and Mike was generous with his time and his answers.  Mike ends by saying he did support the war in Afghanistan because that’s where Al Quaida was and they had just killed 3000 of our people.  But now Al Quaida is no longer in Afghanistan; they are scattered around the world and we should hunt them down, not stay in Afghanistan.

Hopefully these clips will help you understand why some of us are so enthusiastic about Representative Mike Capuano.  There are many other videos of Mike scattered around YouTube.

While I personally respect and admire Martha Coakley more than I can say, I would rather see her run for governor at some point. Her expertise might better be kept in the Commonwealth. Mike Capuano can hit the ground running in the Senate, for Massachusetts, right from the beginning. There are too many important issues being worked in Washington DC today not to have the most capable and experienced person possible representing us. I believe Mike Capuano is that person and ask you to vote for him in the Democratic primary and in the final election.


Last, but certainly not least, here’s a photo of (left to right) Pat Bordewick from the Norwell Town Democratic Committee, Ellie Mayers Chairwoman of said Committee, and Mike Capuano.

Pat, Ellie, and Mike

Mike Capuano and Supporters!


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