Oh, dear….

I think I owe some folks an apology.  Todd Defren (@TDefren) tweeted today:

“Hmm. Finally checking Spam Filter on WordPress blog. False positives galore. Better stop hitting “Delete All Spam” w/o checking. Oy.”

Oh, dear.  I had a number of  “Spam” items that had been caught up by one of the WordPress tools.  Now I’m more concerned that I might have blocked reasonable comments.  Starting out with WordPress I was more concerned about all those folks selling teeth whiteners and those whose focus in life is either far right wing and/or negative.  I’m willing to try opening this up a bit more and we’ll see what happens.  Meanwhile I apologize that all the Spam comments that Akismet (sp?) captured were automatically deleted and I never had the opportunity to even vet them.  Me bad.  Will try harder going forward.



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