More videos from Obama Portsmouth, NH town meeting

Back again.  Included below are two more video clips from the August 11th, 2009 Portsmouth, NH town meeting with President Obama relating to healthcare reform.

The first clip is a view of the entry into the high school where the town meeting was held.  You can see approximately how many protestors on one side and supporters on the other were standing there.  This was less than half the people at the event.  The others were standing in a long line on the side of the high school, waiting to get inside.  That line was fairly quiet.   As you can tell, I was fascinated by the guys doing the African drum music.  They were wonderful and kept going all morning.  They really made the event a lot of fun. There is something wonderful about drums.  I swear your bones vibrate and you just have to move to the beat.

This clip is three different responses from President Obama to questions that were asked at the Portsmouth, NH town meeting.  It ends just as my camcorder battery was starting to fade. After that the audio gets flakey.  It really was a great meeting.  Obama is clearly frustrated by the misinformation campaign being waged by the opposition.  And it’s clearly all about providing better healthcare more cost effectively.  Supporters of healthcare reform are individuals, big corporations, AFL-CIO, medical professionals, AARP and others.  There’s a lot at stake and these organizations know our survival (and theirs in the case of corporations) depends on reforming the US healthcare system.  The opposition to change comes from organizations who profit from the status quo (the insurance companies), their paid operatives, and the mislead lambs that believe the scare tactics.


One response to “More videos from Obama Portsmouth, NH town meeting

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! It’s the next best thing to being there. 😀

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